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Manage Your US Taxes While Living in the UK

Having to manage your US taxes while living in the US can be difficult at the best of times, but living outside of the US can make your tax affairs even more challenging. Simply US Tax have the specialist knowledge and experience ensuring Americans are able to maximise the benefits of living and working abroad, while being fully compliant with their US taxes.

At Simply US Tax we believe in working closely with our clients to build strong and trusted relationships. We understand that being tax compliant in the US and the UK is important, but also having a tax advisor that invests time to understand your circumstances is equally important.

Simply US Tax are American Expat Tax specialists, and our staff are experienced in working with a broad range of clients, from high net worth individuals and senior executives, to Americans starting out in their prospective careers.

We are qualified IRS Enrolled Agents and our staff have over a decade and a half of US & UK tax experience at the big four accountancy firms, so you can rest assured that we can assist no matter how complex your circumstances may be.

How We Can Help


We can assist with preparing personal Federal and State tax returns, and where required we can also prepare local tax returns. We are Enrolled Agents admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, and can therefore assist in corresponding with the IRS on your behalf. If you need to file UK self assessment returns and need assistance with preparing returns we can handle that for you also.


As US tax specialists in the UK we have an in depth knowledge of UK taxes and how they affect your US taxes. Our experienced professional team provide a comprehensive range of specialist tax services to individuals. Whether you require US specific advice, UK specific advice, or advice that affects both US and UK taxes we are able to assist.


Thoughtful tax planning and preparation are critical to your success and ensures that you do not pay additional taxes unnecessarily. With our deep insight on US and UK taxes we can help to optimise tax reliefs and exemptions in a way that is tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our Services

Our experienced staff are able to provide a variety of services to ensure we can deliver our clients a complete solution for their needs. Our personal approach to understanding our clients’ requirements and working closely with them throughout their expat lives, combined with our professional expertise, results in long lasting relationships which often continue after clients have returned home. At Simply US Tax we offer a wide range of services which can be tailored to fit your needs.

US Tax Return Preparation

Tax Planning

US ITIN Services

Review of Prior Returns

Estimates & Projections

Late Filing of Returns

UK Self Assessment Preparation

IRS Notices and Audits

Foreign Bank Account
Reporting (FBAR)

UK Non Dom Advice

Our Commitment To Our Clients

At Simply US Tax we are committed to providing the best experience for our clients. We understand the important role that a tax advisor plays in clients’ lives (especially for expats who have to deal with two tax jurisdictions), and often a good client/tax advisor relationship lasts many years. We strive to ensure we can become the trusted advisor for our clients and do all we can to ensure our relationship with our clients lasts as long as possible, and hopefully for life. We believe in investing time in getting to know our clients and their circumstances and we ensure we are available when our clients need us. Our experience has proven that the best results come from a good understanding of clients affairs.

Dealing with taxes as an expat can be time consuming, challenging and stressful. By providing a complete dual jurisdiction tax service, we aim to relieve as much of this anxiety, so our clients can focus on enjoying their lives as expats without having to worry about taxes.

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Each task we perform for you undergoes meticulous scrutiny and approval by seasoned professionals boasting over two decades of expertise, including significant tenure within prestigious Big 4 accountancy firms.


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